Monday, April 15, 2013

A Bewitching Summer Read

You know those people you meet who are so generous of heart?  Who seem to always be supporting, helping, befriending others?  Teri Harman is one of those people.  I met her originally when she wrote a review on my novel for The Deseret News - then she reached out and invited me to her personal book club (such fun ladies!) - and I soon realized that she was one of those folks whose nature it was to be supportive and helpful.  And, she was writing a novel of her own!
Fast forward a year and Teri now has a smashing three-book deal for a witch based, Young Adult trilogy - with the first book to be released by Jolly Fish Press June 22.  And I got an ARC!  Here's my review:
Willa's life as a waitress and small town museum volunteer in Twelve Acres is turned upside down when she meets Simon.  Both carry gifts -- sensing thoughts, dreaming, healing -- but neither realizes that they are a witch.  As the two come together, they are thrust into a captivating adventure that will change their lives forever.  BLOOD MOON is a novel with a fantastic plot, intriguing characters and tons of witchy delight.  And just in time for summer reading season ... it would be great to bring along on any vacation or just to enjoy poolside.
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Congrats, Teri!  Can't wait for book two...


Teri Harman said...

Thanks so much, Tess!!

kaileyP said...

Always love good summer reading suggestion, thanks Tess!

Ariana Moch said...

I've seen this around a bit - must check it out.

Tess said...

Teri: absolutely! I'm thrilled for this exciting release :)

Kailey: me too - always looking for a good read

Ariana: yes, do!