Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'd Love to Come to Your Bookclub

I have had the incredible priviledge of attending some bookclubs since the launch of LOVE and it has been so fun!
In case you didn't know, and to celebrate this debut, I am offering free book club visits. I will come (if you are anywhere along the Wasatch front) or Skype (if you are not...don't be scared it is easy and free with only the requirement of a simple laptop)
I talk about the research and inspiration behind the novel, a little bit about my journey and answer some questions. I then politely scoot out, allowing members to discuss the novel more freely. I even provide (by mailing or bringing) some fun swag.
It is just one tiny effort to give this more quiet novel a push.
Please feel free to spread the word! If you'd like to contact me about it, I'm available at tess(at)tesshilmo(dot)com.


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I hope you know if you want to visit Iowa, Missouri or Arkansas I can hook you up....

Tess said...

Thanks for thinking of me, Sharon ... no worries or stress, I'm just spreading the word. But, of course, I'd love to visit.

Michelle said...

Tess, this is a great idea! We did a Skype author visit recently with the girls' book club at the library and it was so much fun for everyone.

Books need to be available in paperback for us to read them in the library book group, but we'll be watching Love's journey, and recommending the book to the girls to read in the meantime.

Amy L. Sonnichsen said...

I will share this on facebook! What a fun opportunity for book clubs!


Tess said...

Michelle: yes, libraries have to count their pennies, I know. How neat that you all have such a bookclub though. I tell you what, if it comes in paperback and if you want to choose it, I'll offer a free skype visit whenever that happens. How are the slushbusters these days?

Amy: thank you - that is so nice!

Michelle said...


Thank you! Running the girls book club is so much fun, and immeasurably valuable to me as a writer.

The Slushies are great. We have a meeting this evening to discuss one of our members' whole book, which at 80,000 words is the longest work any of us has written so far.

Marcia said...

This is such a fantastic promo idea. I will tweet this.

Lisa said...

I think you should come to our book club!

Tess said...

I'd love to come to our book club Lisa - but not sure if everyone would'd have to ask the lady in charge. Thanks for reading - I am so happy you enjoyed Ollie's story!