Thursday, May 7, 2009

Free Stuff Friday

Happy Friday! I had such fun with our last give away - I'm going to do another one. In fact, be sure to check my Friday posts because I will be doing either a Free Stuff Friday or a Funny Friday every week. You'll get a laugh or a chance to win something - either way, you leave happy (I hope).

Today's give away is the great book: 20 Master Plots and how to build them by Ronald B. Tobias. This is a brand new book.

The title 20 Master Plots made me think of plots.

Plots made me think of cemeteries

Cemeteries made me think of headstones.

So - to enter : you must leave a comment stating what you would like written on your headstone.
You do not have to be a follower for this week's any lurkers are invited to play
I will put all the comment-ors names in a hat and draw a winner at random.
Winner announced next week.

Good luck and have a great weekend.


Lady Glamis said...

Michelle Davidson Argyle. Lived and Loved. Lost and Gave. Prayed and Found.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Beloved wife and mother
Now with Christ in Heaven

Wendy said...

She thought a lot.
Maybe too much.
(no, just kidding)

Lived Her Life with Passion and Love.
Thankful for Her Home on Earth,
Thankful to Be Home in Heaven

Tess said...


Lady Glamis: I especially like 'lost and gave' - so true for all of us (we hope)

Jennifer Shirk - welcome! I haven't tried that orzo recipe yet...but will :) In the end, it is the wife and mother that means so much.

Wendy: you crack me up! I love the concept of being thankful for this earthly home.

I'll add my own:

Tess Hilmo. Wife and Mother. Assumed and found the best in others.

Now if you are not feeling serious -- it's fine to be silly. Or just leave your name. This drawing is random and not judged.

Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

Tess!!!!!! I need that book! I suck at plot -- you know it's true!

Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

(ps--I thought you'd want to know, my verification word for my last post was "peducks" which seems sadly appropriate for me.)

B.J. Anderson said...

This is fun in a creepy kind of way, lol. :) I could really use that book though!

Bonny Jean Anderson
Loving Mother and Wife
No Regrets

Lisa and Laura said...

Erm..I don't want to write my gravestone, but I do want to pop in and say that I'm really glad that you don't own a red calvin klein jumpsuit. I think it was the calvin klein detail that really made us think it was real. I think blogger needs to add a sarcasm button in their comments section.

Have a great weekend!

Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

Ok--I got one. Do I get extra credit for invoking the subject of the book? :) xo

Here I lie,
and here I'll stay.
'Til a vampire plotline
takes me away.

Tess said...

Why are people creeped out by this? That is so interesting to me! Oh well, if you leave a comment of any kind, I'll still include your name in the drawing.

Amy - extra credit - sure! And, your entry intrigues me on your WIP!

BJ- no regrets. perfect.

Lisa and Laura - it's the calvin klein detail that makes it good writing ;)

Davin Malasarn said...

What a fun and grim contest! ;p

Davin Malasarn
Listened and accepted.

Robyn said...

Man people, let's have fun with this contest. Hmm, mine will say, She died published--wahoo! :)

Joyce Wolfley said...

Lived for Love
Died for Spite

Tess said...

Now this is fun!

LexiconLuvr said...

For me:
Wife, Mother, Friend.
Crazy writer 'till the end.


Windsong said...

Get off the grass and keep the line moving. ;-)

Scott said...

I know the contest is over, but I was out of touch with the blogsphere most of last week and this weekend. It's early, the coffee hasn't kicked in, but the best I can come up with is . . .

What do you mean I need a query letter to get in?

Liana Brooks said...

I missed the contest, but I love the headlines... plotlines... um... whatever these things are called.

I just never intend to have a headstone. If I can't have immortality, I want burial at sea. Maybe we can tattoo something on a shark's belly?

Sweet to the last?

Liana Brooks said...

P.S. The verification word was "Di Old"