Monday, April 13, 2009


Today is a fun, fun, fun Monday. Here are some contests that should keep us all entertained and involved this coming week....
ONE: Secret Agent contest going on over at Miss Snarks First Victim. There are two submission windows open but the first filled up in one minute (that's some competition to get in!). Even if you don't enter or don't get in, think about being a critter - it's good stuff.
TWO: Fantastic contest going on over at the Query Tracker Blog where Joanna Stampfel-Volpe has agreed to review a one line synopsis or "hook" for your completed manuscript and give out wonderful and generous prizes of query/ms page reviews. There is no limit on the number of submissions other than a 24 hour window (I am very curious how many submissions she will receive!)
THREE: Nathan Bransford is hosting Be An Agent For A Day over at his amazing blog...should be a very eye-opening experiment.
FOUR: I got another request for a full over the weekend! (that's four for four on the agent responses...very cool!)


Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

I take such pleasure in saying, "I told you so." :)

Tess said...

Thanks, Amy. Happy b-day - hope you are feeling better.

lucent1 said...

I'm entering the one over at Query Tracker....I'm worried she'll get hundreds and hundreds and be completely overwhelmed! Oh well, it's worth at try!

Jeannie Campbell said...

congratulations! that's must be very pumped with such positive affirmations of your craft!

Sharon aka Sapphire said...

I did the "be an agent for a day" on Nathan's blog. It was really good, although it took me three days to complete. Is he one of the agents that requested your ms?