Thursday, April 5, 2012

Check This Out...

The teens in Kaukauna, WI had a Teen Time Library event around With a Name Like Love.

They used my blog meme "If You Really Knew Me" that I shamelessly stole from my teenage daughter's blog ( see here if you missed it)

and made their own if you really knew me people.

Then their amazing librarian Rose sent me this picture of it all. Each cut out is a teen and they have their If You Really Knew Me bits written on them.

Isn't that so creative?

Thanks for reading, guys!!


Mary Aalgaard, Play off the Page said...

LOVE it! You're an inspiration, and so are the kids.

Play off the Page

paige said...


Marcia said...

OMG, seriously? This is where I LIVE!!!!!

What a cool, cool project.

Tess said...

Mary: the kiddos are, that's certain.

Paige: I know, right? it was such a fun email to get!

Marcia: for real? that's it cold there or has spring found its way to you?

happy easter weekend!!

Heidi Willis said...

Way cool!! I think every class should do this. Kids are so much more open about themselves in writing and projects than they are in the class and hallways. It definitely has the possibility of opening conversations.

BTW - my friend Jen Blom had her MG book listed on the Bankstreet College of Education Best Books of 2012 list and while perusing the list, I saw With A Name Like Love. Congrats!!

Tess said...

Heidi: really? I had no idea! how wonderful...thanks for taking the time to let me know! What a great way to start the day :D.

and, yes..this idea of presenting the meme that this wonderful librarian came up with is a keeper for sure.

Marcia said...

"Marcia: for real? that's it cold there or has spring found its way to you?"

I'm TOTALLY amazed, since we are a town of only about 15,000. I mean, what are the chances? :) Like much of the country, we had a BEAUTIFUL March with temps in the 70s or more. Back to reality in April, with 50s being more typical.