Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Word about the Ending

Sometimes people are afraid to tell me what parts of With a Name Like Love they wanted to be different.  Really, I enjoy discussing the novel and never take offense to the opinion and thoughts of others.  I find it fun!

Recently, I had someone tell me they were upset by the ending.  They wanted the problem "fixed" more.  They wanted Jimmy to want something different.  They wanted the Love family to offer something (trying not to give it away here, but if you've read the novel you might know what I'm referencing)

I liked hearing this I appreciated their insightThey made a good point.

The truth is, I considered that ending.  I truly did.  But, for me, it didn't fit Jimmy as a character.

Here's what I said to this reader -- sometimes people don't want to be fixed.  they don't see anything wrong with their situation.  Jimmy knows it is not perfect, but he loves what he has and he doesn't want anything different -- even if we as the reader think that would be better.

And, it is true with life.  Sometimes, as much as we think people should want better or different or more...they just don't.

And who is to say which is right?

I think this is good to ponder on, especially at this time of year. what do you think?


Anna Staniszewski said...

So true. I think it's tempting to want all endings to be neatly tied up, but that's not realistic and probably would get kind of boring. :-)

Amy L. Sonnichsen said...

Tess, I love that you take those kinds of comments so gracefully. I love how approachable you are! You're right, it is fun that your readers are THINKING after reading the book. And you're absolutely right that a totally happy ending doesn't fit every book. I recently had to change an ending because the one I originally had was too happy and didn't fit the characters. You were smart think of your characters. Sometimes we can get wrapped up in what we WANT to happen, instead of what would really happen.

Jaye Robin Brown said...

Funny - I just finished. And I wished the Chevy stayed put. But I think it will be in that garage again - someday :0)

Tess said...

Anna: yes, we say that and I totally agree..but as readers it can still get frustrating if endings are not what we think. Also in life :o

Amy: you'd be the same way - I know it! I consider it such a honor to have anyone read my little story so the fact they thought about it and had feelings evoked by it is super cool ... even if those feelings are that they disagree with something I wrote.

Jaye: just finished? how cool! yes, someday. definitely!

Lisa said...

Tess, I finally got a change to read your book and finished most of it in one day. I was up at our cabin and read most of the afternoon and evening. I really enjoyed it. great job! BTW, I LIKED the ending.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I loved the ending, but I wanted more...I had this feeling that Ollie had more adventures and stories to tell. I might be wrong, but I would like to know more about the Love family.

Mary Aalgaard, Play off the Page said...

The ending is very satisfying. I absolutely accepted Jimmy and his resolve. I felt that Ollie still had more to discover, but that's real life. We make connections, have an adventure in one area, then we move on. We miss what was, but we also can embrace what will be.

Tess said...

Lisa: hooray! thanks for reading, pal :)

Sharon: thoughtful insights - who knows what the future might bring. I'm not planning on another LOVE story but you can never say never..

Mary: exactly - that is real life. and it's difficult sometimes. Ollie definitely had more to discover and I hope the reader understood that, now, she had the connection to her father to be able to explore and discover those things. I love your last line..we miss what was, but embrace what will be. that's the writer in you!

maybe if it was a YA book and could be 400 plus pages, we could have explored so much more but MG is its own animal and really is meant to be a different book than its YA cousin. at least, that's my thought on it. does anyone have other thoughts?

Marcia said...

That's so true. We often want all the ends tied up in fiction; it comforts us precisely because real life can't offer that. But I really think it's so worth making the point that sometimes people just don't want something more or different, and I think that's very common. And I love your approach to discussing your book.

Sara said...

Oh, I find the very best endings are the ones that don't tie up all those bows! It is good that you stay true to the character. To me, that is good writing. Giving him what he wants rather than what you want. Sometimes, it is a hard decision to make.

Now I am curious to read your book!