Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life is Good: Awesome Give Away #1

Life is good!

Only FIVE short months until With A Name Like Love is released! To celebrate, I am launching a Life is Good Campaign.

Celebrate how good life is and win cool prize packs each month that will include:

a Life is Good hat...this one says "when it rains, it shines" on the front and "life is good" on the back. It is adorable beyond belief. (I have a variety of and different styles. The winner will get to choose which one they get in their prize pack!)

two different Life is Good stickers to keep or share with friends...spread the good vibes!

Bookmarks! Candy! (sees suckers w/ hearts and frogs..both featured in the novel)

and last but not least....

An advance order for the book itself!! As you know, I didn't get many ARC's (though my thoughtful editor did send an extra for good ole mom) so I am giving away advance ordered'll have to wait for this portion of the prize pack but it'll come in September - guaranteed!

I know what you're saying
....How do I enter??

There are four easy ways!

One Entry
: be a follower of this blog and comment on this post sharing one way Life is Good for you

Second Entry
: blog about something positive this month...highlight a mentor or spotlight a great book or post a picture of your adorable kitty cat.

Title your post "Life is Good: My Kitty (or whatever)"

THEN link this post and ask others to share in the Life is Good Campaign....let's get the whole bloggosphere writing "life is good" posts :D (don't forget to come back and let me know you posted something so I can give you that extra entry).

Third Entry
: Twitter! Talk about the campaign..about how life is good...about anything positive. (again, don't forget to tell me if you do's all on your honor)

Fourth Entry: Join me on the With A Name Like Love Facebook page (I'm so sad and lonely over there) here and be my friend.

You have all month and, at the end of the month, I'll tally up the entries and put everyone into a random drawing.

I am so blessed by your friendship, support, advice, is definitely good!

The first one of these awesome prize packs is up for grabs starting today so...tell is life good for you?


Paul Greci said...

Cool giveaway idea, Tess!! :-)

I'm back to running marathons after knee surgery a couple years ago--life is good!

superpaige said...

Hooray! First of all, I am a follower. I would follow you ANYWHERE! You're so awesome, I can hardly believe you are my friend. Fun, fun, contests!!

Paige said...

I am also a facebook fan of With a Name Like LOVE!

Mary Aalgaard said...

Life is Good reading about your success. You know I want a book ASAP and plan to review it on my blog. Will be happy to write a post about Life is Good. Oh, and a Life is Good moment this weekend - my babies turned 11! It was quite the birthday bash.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

I love Life is Good stuff. I have a little plaque up in my kitchen with that saying on it. And I love the official brand. My sister-in-law has a whole bunch of stuff and I have a hat.

Life is good. Especially in spring. Today was blue skies and high 70's. I'm just soaking it all up. SO EXCITED about your book, Tess!


Sheila said...

Great idea for a campaign Tess. We need the "good news" in our lives--and there's plenty to share.

Kiki Hamilton said...

I love this campaign. Life is good and we can choose to spread the love every day! I'm thankful every day and usually say it out loud. For my daughter, for the A she got on her math test, for the sunshine, for my trailer - it's ever-changing, but always something to be thankful for every day!

Amy Fellner Dominy said...

What a great idea! It's always so easy to focus on what's wrong, not right.
Life is good because it's May in Arizona and it's still cool enough in the evenings to sit outside. Everyone is healthy and this morning the dog let me sleep in until 7:30!

Tess said...

thanks to all for joining in...I love sharing in the happiness of life's small joys with each of you. good weather...sleeping in...kiddos... running in the fresh air - love it!

Mary Aalgaard said...

I think I'm in for all four entries. I believe I "liked" your page a couple weeks ago. I mentioned your "Life is Good" challenge today on my blog and linked here. I'm happy to talk about your book, maybe post your trailer. Can I do that? I love your trailer. You wrote your own music for it, right? Let me know.

Jamie A.R. Albanese said...

God is soooo Good to us!! We have an amazing family of fun loving kids, a great area to live, blessings and such joy.... xoxo

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

This is wonderful, Tess! Life is good because I get to spend it writing and sharing the writing world with wonderful people who also love words and stories.

dellgirl said...

Fun fun fun, love the way you did this.

Life is good with the new grandbaby. He keeps me busy, thinking, and smiling. It is especially good when he wraps those sweet little arms around my neck. It doesn't get any better than this.

I hope you have the best Mother's Day ever!

Rachel said...

Life sometimes gets so crazy its easy to get caught up in the hard stuff, but I think when you take a minute to stop and focus on what's important we remember Life is Good. I have a great family with amazing parents, a husband who works hard and a sweet little is good! :)

Crystal said...

Hi Tess . . . sorry I'm late getting in on this, but just wanted to say that Life is Good, as I celebrated my birthday a few days ago. I am truly thankful for seeing another year, for a husband who loves to cook every day, and for my 2 great kids. And I LOVE this campaign! Can't wait to see what's in store for June! :)