Sunday, September 26, 2010

How To Make A Book Trailer...The Final Lesson

Alright...some are working along

others of you are taking notes for future reference

all of it is great.

Today we're going to put our music that we chose from a public domain site and our pictures from Morguefile (or personal pics) into a trailer!

Here's the nitty gritty details of how to do it:

go to (you already have the free account)

click the Create tab at the top

click the create button
the site will lead you through the process...but just in case you need help:

upload pics (if you saved them on your desktop then it's super easy) NOTE: upload them in the order you need them starting with your first image in your script. after each upload, you'll be given two buttons: upload more or done. Just do until you can push 'done'

This will take you to the creation site. click "add text slide" tab at the top and start writing out your script between the pics. NOTE: always write the words preceding the image. For example, in my trailer, I say "A lost soul" and then have the image of an empty chair. If you put the image before the words, it's difficult to follow. ALSO: you can have two or three images for every one line of text. I did words, image, words, image... but you can fiddle and make it how you like.

Once all the text is in, you can click and drag the photos and text boxes into the right formation.

7. Then add your music. It's easy to do...on the create tab, just click on "add music" and pull it off your desktop (again, it's way easier if all your photos and music are on your desktop to begin with).

You're done!

Now here's were all you slackers will wish you did your homework :D :D :D ....

those who reply and tell me they completed a trailer, I will post a link next Monday to all of them and then GIVE AWAY PRIZES!!! So....there's still time to go back and join in. Or, just watch along for the fun.

HEY...what's going on in your world?



Susan R. Mills said...

No trailer here, yet. But, this has been so helpful, and I've bookmarked it for later reference. Thanks!

L.T. Elliot said...

No trailer for me yet but someday! Thank you so much, Tess! I've loved this series and hope to put it to good use, soon. =]

Tess said...

this has been a fun series for me... mostly because I would have loved to have a little direction when I fumbled through. Hope it helps, even if just 'someday' :D Thanks for coming by, pals

WindyA said...

I love that you've been sharing this how to! No trailer work for me, but definitely have the how-to guide when I'm ready!

Carolyn V. said...

Tess, you are so great to share all this info! I want to do a trailer, but I don't think my books quite ready yet. But I've always wondered how writers do it. Thanks so much for letting me know. You're awesome! =)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Tess...You know I'm saving this for my winter project...when I'm under 52 inches of snow... I really do appreciate the lesson and know that I will come back and use it this winter to make a trailer.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

I did all these steps except for using one true media. I used animoto instead. I will post a link to the results of the just-for-fun trailer when I get home. But I should also say, I wimped out and went for pro to do one for me also. I hope to have that soon! Thanks for this great lesson!

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Try this link!

ali said...

Ahh! I need to finish! I wanna win a prize! I'll get right on it Tess! (I have the pics and the music, just gotta get cracking!)

lotusgirl said...

Prizes? Oh well, I guess I'll miss out this time. I'm still to focused on what I have to do with this crazy novel. I had an epiphany over the weekend and now have to go back and rework some stuff. The pacing is all wrong, and there are some very important things missing.

Tess said...

yes..prizes! and, it seems like the odds are in the favor of anyone who finishes. Right now, Terry's taking it all home. Will no one split her loot?

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

i did mine on one true media :) they are a great inexpensive way to do trailers if you can put the expense to a company!

dellgirl said...

Hey there, Tess. This is very interesting, and helpful information. Your directions are crystal clear (not that I'll venture into doing it right now). Thank you for sharing this information.

I’m just dropping by to say hello. How are you and how is everything going? I hope you had a spectacular week!

Have a great weekend!!