Monday, June 14, 2010

Who Do You Love?

For my first Summer of Service activity, I'm going to take a suggestion from Davin over at The Literary Lab (don't you love that blog...deep thinkers, those three).

Davin once commented that he writes letters to people who have inspired or helped him in some way.

So, this week I'm going to sit down and write a letter....

Will you?

Maybe to an old teacher

or a family member you haven't spoken to in a while

or a friend who has fallen off your radar

or a co worker who has helped you

It's a simple act, really - but meaningful, I think.

Just a small note of appreciation...nothing big or too difficult.

I'll report back on Friday.

Questions: Have you ever done this? Have you ever recv'd a letter of appreciation from an or friend or someone you helped along the way? How was that experience? Will you think about joining me in this weeks challenge?


Mary Aalgaard said...

I immediately thought of my 5th grade teacher who read one of my stories out loud to the class. It made me realize that I have a gift. And, yes, I have received letters from former students. One recently through my blog. Turns out I gave her a chance to shine that she never thought she could.

Heidi Willis said...

Love the new look!!

I think Facebook and email has allowed me to do this a lot more than I used to. Lately, I've written to my ninth/eleventh grade teacher who greatly influenced me, as well as old friends.

Tess said...

Mary..did it totally make your day to get a letter like that? I don't think I ever have, you know..just out of the blue. How hard would it be to find that 5th grade teacher? let me know what shakes out.

Heidi: I didn't even think of facebook, but you make an excellent point. One more reason for me to bite the bullet and get on there. I think it's great that you looked those teachers up...very cool.

Susan Fields said...

That is a good idea about looking more people up on Facebook. I've found a lot of old friends that way (or they've found me), but there are a lot more I should look for.

I do have an old friend I haven't written to in a very, very long time. I'll definitely shoot her off a letter this week.

Michelle said...

When I went to the British Museum about ten years ago, I bought a post card of the Rosetta Stone and sent it to the teacher who first taught me about it. I remember having this moment, standing there among a bunch of Japanese people with cameras, and thinking that I wouldn't have known the significance of what I was looking at without her having taught me.

Also, I got a facebook one from someone. A girl I was friends with briefly in college, who I and another friend had tried to help when she was in some trouble. I hadn't heard from her in maybe 16 or 17 years, but she sent me a facebook message last year and thanked me.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I had the great pleasure of talking to an awards committee about my high school biology teacher. I never asked how they got my name (DUH), but I felt so priviledged to be able to talk about the impact Mrs. Holleman had on my entire life.

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Am going to do this. Thanks for the nudge. It's good. This post. Good.
~ Wendy

Scott said...

Do blog awards count? OMG, write a letter? The horrors! Seriously.

All kidding aside, as my sisters could well tell you, I'm not a letter writing kind of guy, or sending birthday card kind of guy, but . . . I am mom's favorite so why worry about the other sibs? Ha!

So, perhaps I'll send out a simple email that states: Thanks for being part of my life. Seven simple words that pretty much sums up the people in my life, past and present.

Have a great day . . . and no singing to the boss.


Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

I've actually been meaning to write a letter to an elderly aunt, so this is a perfect post for me, Tess! And yes, I do like to reach out to people I've been a bit out of touch with. I will admit, though, that I've been doing more of this via emails, etc. than once upon a time. And, I think the best letters I've received are from young readers of my books. Wow, are they sweet and adorable. Every one a treasure.

Tess said...

Susan: the wonders of our social networking system :) and, yes ... write that friend. Think how happy she'll be to get that note.

Michelle: love that story! it says something about you, I think, to make that connection.

Sharon: really? what kind of award? very cool experience, I think.

Wendy: excellent.

Scott: ah, excuses, excuses ... the favorite son always has excuses ;) we have one of those in our family, too . Seriously though, that 7 word sentence sums it all up. perfect.

Cynthia: I can't imagine getting a letter about my novel. that MUST be an amazing thing. and, I'm so glad you'll write your aunt this week. they get lonely in their later years, I think.

PJ Hoover said...

Oh, so tempting because I love the idea of receiving an spontaneous letter myself :)

Amy Saia said...

I really like this. I always loved my teachers, especially the English teachers for some reason and love the thought of sending them a letter.

Anonymous said...

I like to write letters, too. I'll write to someone from church and let them know how much I enjoyed their lesson, or the activity.

dellgirl said...

WOW, the new look is beautiful!

I like this idea. I always loved school and my teachers (most of them). Like Amy, I especially loved my English teachers and my 1st grade teacher.

I wrote a tribute to my high school English teacher in my book, "At The Starting Gate". I autographed it and delivered it to her home personally and thanked her for her influence. It was AWESOME!!!

Jill Kemerer said...

Hold on!!! You have a new blog look and it is awesome!! I love it! I have a really weird grin on my face because it's releasing my endorphins or something. Very cool!

And yes, I occasionally write letters of appreciation. I can think of two who deserve one from me. Thanks, Tess!

Tabitha Bird said...

Love the blog! Very cool look!
And I really like that idea. I may just join you.