Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Am From...

I am from...

tents by the ocean
railroad tracks
milky baby smiles

jagged mountains reaching, wanting
burning marshmallows around the fire
feather pillows
worn keyboards
friendship circles

tell me...where are you from?


Sharon Mayhew said...

I am from...

big cities and tiny villages
games and books
beans and rice
smiles and tears
kittens and puppies

I am from desire and thirst

L.T. Elliot said...

I am from...

crooked, leaning barns
winding trails
fields of bleating sheep
and the crinkled pages
of a novel written in my own ink

Paul Greci said...

I am from

tentless star-filled nights
mist-covered rain forests
run down classrooms
filled with at risk teens
snow on spruce trees
fox tracks on trails
friends launching balloons
and celebrating life.

Terresa said...

Mohave desert nights
rainstorm and sage brush brewing
pioneer cart pushing
potato farmer grit
people who love
even when they might
have been safer not to.

Scott said...

Okay, you want a poem-ish thing out of me, first thing in the morning??? Ha! That's not gonna happen. I'm not that talented first thing in the morning . . . or ever when it comes to poem-ish things!

I am from . . .

Big city burbs, to small town curbs, and back to big city burbs
loving partner, cats and dogs, circle of friends
blogger, and facebook, and twitter too
inspiration at 2 AM, in the shower, in the car
contentment at home

Okay, it's craptastic, but I told you I wasn't poem-ish!


Solvang Sherrie said...

I am from

small towns with big skies
third world islands
misty mountains
plain spoken
loud, loving
people of the world

I am not a poet :)

Tess said...

Sharon: lovely. I can see the big cities and small towns, feel the hunger.

LT: what a perfect image of the barn and sheep and ..wait! you wrote your novel out in ink? either way, it's a lovely picture.

Paul: yes, I can see those being your images. fox trails, tentless sleep outs. gorgeous.

Terresa: ah, a little prickle in my heart for those who love even when it is easier not to. poignant and important. lovely, Terresa.

Scott: liar! you are a poet and you didn't know it :D that is a lovely image thread and I am impressed by the image of friends gathering and inspiration flashing and an overall sense of peace and love. very nice

SolvangSherrie: why do you say you're not a poet? You are! that is tender and touching and really,really nice. "hard working, loud, loving people of the world." very well said.

Janna Qualman said...

Beautiful, Tess!

I am from...

down-home values
comfort food
a world of books
feely good friends
family so special
dreams into reality

storyqueen said...

And Luck
green hills
and desert sand
quiet evenings
swingsets and jungle gyms
warm, sweet things from the oven
and feet
yes, feet
always dancing.

Kristen Torres-Toro said...


Sunshine and tiger lillies,
blue skies and fresh peaches,
Coca-cola, Chic-fil-a,
rolling, soft mountains and
cold river water.

A rolling savanna, a jungle dancing
to the beat of a drum.
Swirls of Indian color,
the roar of the rushing wave.
The sign "I love you" from
Caribbean fingers,
a lake as blue as the sea,
and the longest river in the world.
The AIDs patient, the orphan, leper-
mother, sister, daughter,

superpaige said...

I love these! But I don't think I'm creative enough to just throw one out first thing in the morning. But I'll try.

I am from--
last note of a song
fluff and feathers
fingerprints on the walls
testimony of truth
ideas in the middle of the night
carpools and team moms
snow on the mountains
What caller am I?

Wendy @ All in a Day's Thought said...

Love this. Here's my hodgepodge.

I am from:

Rivers of dreams
Dog-eared books
Disciplined steps
Tickles circling the bellies of my kids
Rooted promises tangled in truth
A fever for God
Undying Love
Butterfly hydrangeas bursting to life
Barn doors and colonial pride
A mind to live and a life to mind

~ Wendy

DL Hammons said...

I am from...

carboard boxes
moving vans
crew cuts
country, duty, discipline
fragmented memories
laughter & horseplay
shallow roots

Susan R. Mills said...

I thouroughly enjoyed reading all of these, but I'm saving my creative juices for my rewrites. If I get some major inspirations I'll stop by later with some wordage. :)

Tess said...

Janna: feely good friends and comfort food .. nothing better in the world than that.

Storyqueen: I want to comment on your beautiful thread but can only think HOORAY FOR YOUR GOOD NEWS!

Kristen: what a world of experiences you are enjoying and participating in. a life truly lived, I think.

Superpaige: it is perfectly you! a note of a song, a laugh, 'what caller am I?'. So full of life..just like you.

Wendy: love the line, 'barn doors and colonial pride'. that speaks to me.

DL: this makes me want to know more .. a military life? the image of cardboard boxes and crew cuts is strong and well done here.

Susan: okay. it's easier than it seems, really :)

Carolyn V. said...

Okay let's see:

I am from
Mountainous hills,
Winding to heaven.
Warm houses glow,
With the safety from wind.

Short and sweet! Thanks Tess! =)

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I am from
french endearments and english nannies
grandmother's embrace
creeks that freeze
ponds wiggling with life
trees dripping sweetness
oceans that beckon
stars too many to count

lotusgirl said...

I am from...

emotion and music
bare branches against a blazing sky
Mama's muscadine hull preserves
salt-drenched breezes and grassy dunes
bacon-egg-cheese-grits mornings
dimpled dry wit and sparkling eyes
children's laughter
book dreams
sleeping in

Abby Annis said...

What a beautiful, moving post!

I am from...

purple desert mountains
orange grove adventures
neverending kittens
tadpole plagued retention basins
pancake breakfasts
mother's smile
tiny fingers curled around mine
preteen tears and wild laughter
book dreaming
crit groups

Thanks for this. :)

Elana Johnson said...

This is a fabulous post!

I am from

the dairy farm
simpler times
bike rides
wind in the trees.

Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

I am from

leaning sheds covered with kudzu
spiderwebs on sweaty skin
damp red clay
ticks bursting on lit matches
the smell of honeysuckle thick in a creek bottom
old bullets in old trees
and secrets whispering through the pines

Tess said...

CarolynV: mountainous hills winding to heaven..what a perfect image.

Tricia: really? English nannies? I'm sooo intrigued..

Lotusgirl: such beautiful images, thanks for sharing them. sleeping in ... a favorite of mine, too. Rare, but precious.

AbbyA: I can hear the pre teen laughter from here. Beautiful stuff.

Elana: how amazing the difference between all of these are! Love yours, girl. It suits you, somehow.

Amy: "spiderwebs on sweaty skin"..what are you a WRITER or something? man, that's a beautiful image.

PJ Hoover said...

OMg, this is far too much pressure. But very cool to read others' :)

Mary Aalgaard said...

I am from
black dirt with the promise of a good crop,
endless melodies,
big families,
a house made of boy heaven,
dramatic scenes,
Holy Spirit,

Sarah said...

I am from:

everywhere (the legacy of a pilot's child)
a long line of storm stalkers who follow lightning tracks
late nights and secrets whispered to sisters
hiding the last brownie from a hungry brother
chocolate parties
Grimm's fairy tales
plains and mountains
night skies

Tess said...

PJ: no stress, friend :)

Mary: 'boy heaven' - love that.

Sarah: really? storm stalkers? Now, that's cool!

Sarah said...

When I lived in Texas, my dad and I would watch storms together. The bigger the better, and if it was after dark where you could see the lightning? Great!

Tess said...

Sarah: you must write that into a novel. you must.