Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Stuff Friday

Happy Friday! Today I am going to give away an awesome prize of a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble in honor of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.
Last night my son came bumbling upstairs with a 1974 edition of Green Eggs and Ham. It was mine when I was 6 years old. I loved that book. In fact, I memorized it from cover to cover and tortured my siblings by reciting it over and over and over and over and over and over and over (you get the idea?)

So - I am sponsoring this fun give away and what you need to do to enter is:

1 - be a follower of this blog (meaning, actually sign up in the left side bar)

2- post a comment today (anytime from the time of this post until Friday night at midnight Mountain Standard time)

3- in your comment, tell me what your very first favorite book was
You must meet all three of the above criteria to be included in the drawing.

I will put all the names of the eligible comment-ors in a hat and have my son draw a winner at random.
Check back Monday morning to see who the lucky friend is!


Jody Hedlund said...

I can't remember back to the early, early days, but I do remember loving Bedtime for Francis. And of course as I got a little older my mom read us the Narnia series and I loved those too, still do!

Matt said...

Wow, that is a well-worn copy of Green Eggs and Ham! My son is nearly two and I realized that we haven't introduced him to certain books yet - Green Eggs being one of them. Today may be a good day to run out and get them!
I honestly don't remember what my favorite books were when I was little, but I do remember enjoying a novel my dad read to me called Rascal, about a raccoon.

Marty said...

I will not be eligible for your prize because (although I do follow yours and many other blogs) I never follow publicly.

My favorite first book was also Green Eggs and Ham. I have attached my own tribute to Dr. Seuss with an audio of the book.

Janna Qualman said...

I loved books in general but I remember adoring The Berenstain Bears, and a series about crudely-animated animals and their stories (which worked through the ABCs). My mom still has 'em all, and we read them to my girls. :)

Scott said...

Green Eggs and Ham - I absolutely love the book, and that's always the gift I give at baby showers. I used to be able to quote the book word for word. "I do not like them, Sam I Am, I do not like green eggs and ham. Not in a . . ."

Well, I'll leave the rest up to the rest of the Dr. Seuss lovers.

Windsong said...

Isn't it the best feeling in the world when you find an old friend like that? My first love (that I remember) was It's Halloween by Jack Perlutsky. It was my first book killed through too much love.

lotusgirl said...

Woohoo! A contest with a prize! I already follow, so yea! I just posted about the early books last week. The first one I remember dying for is "The Five Chinese Brothers."

Jill Kemerer said...

Dr. Seuss cracks me up! Timeless.

The first book I loved was The Little Engine that Could. Would the little engine make it to the top? Would he?

Isn't great fiction a variation on that theme? Will she fall in love with him? Will she? Ha! Ha!

Have a great weekend!

Cindy said...

I don't think my memory extends back as far as I should. I do remember Green Eggs and Ham, though, and Berenstain Bears. Oh, and I really, really, liked Shel Silverstein. The Light in the Attic, I think? I can remember the cover :)

What a fun way to end the week! Have a wonderful weekend!

Lady Glamis said...

Cool contest, Tess! I think my favorite book was probably Harriet The Spy. I've always wanted to be a spy, LOL!

Have a great weekend!

Crystal said...

What a great idea for a contest, Tess!

Now, my very first favorite book . . . Hmmm. There were SO MANY it's hard to choose just one! Okay, thinking back to my 7- or 8-year-old self, I'd have to say Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish. That's probably one of the first I could read on my own.

Enjoy your weekend!

KLo said...

My first favorite book was a collection of Uncle Wiggily stories by Howard R. Garis. The book had belonged to my father when he was a little boy, it was in execrable shape, but I adored it nonetheless. There was a consistency to the story set-up, the villains (I recall an alligator and some three-legged monster called a Wushky-Washky) were satisfyingly scary, and most importantly, my dad had grown up having these read to him, so we had some great conversations : )

quixotic said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

What a fun contest!

I'd have to say the book that sticks out the most from my childhood is Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

Are friends/family/wadmates still eligible?

My favorite book was Where the Wild Things Are, and sadly I never owned it. I only got to read it twice a year, when we went to the dentists office. :(

Tess said...

Amy: everyone who meets the three criteria is eligible. Friends, family, wadmates...everyone. It will be a random hat drawing so that keeps it fair and impartial :)

Jaime said...

My very first FAVORITE book that I can remember was "Whitemouse the Fieldmouse". It was an obscure, hardback book from the early 1900's. I discovered it in my Dad's bookshelves when I was 7 and read it cover to cover. It was all about the adventures of a little fieldmouse who's name was shortened to "Whitey" once you got into the book. Still love it! :)

Liana Brooks said...

I'm a follower (the bright socks are me). And my favorite book at age 6 was The Hobbit. My parents warped me at an early age and I loved that hardcover book! I even brought it to Kindergarten for show-and-tell one day. I think the picture of Smaug was my show-and-tell as a favorite character or something.

Joyce Wolfley said...

Hi Tess. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I just started it and every comment is a thrill. What a generous contest you are throwing here!

I had to pull out my favorite book to find the name, A Chocolate Moose for Dinner. It is completely falling apart and actually a really good example of unclear writing.

Wendy said...

I'd have to say, A Wrinkle in Time. Or I was also addicted to the Ramona Quimby series.

Fun! Fun!

Sarah Jensen said...

Hey Tess, Thanks for following If You Give a Girl a Pen. Hope you visit often, and share some of your writing there.

My favorite book was Charlotte's Web. I remember my grandmother reading it when I was little. I have enjoyed reading it to my kids, although the two youngest haven't heard it, must get it out again. :)

What a cute contest. And your MG book sounds delightful!