Sunday, April 26, 2009

And The Winner Is....

Man alive were my kiddos excited to be in charge of the drawing! Here are my two youngest pulling the name. And the winner is....

Liana Brooks! (cute stripey socks friend) If Liana would please e mail me at : tesshilmo(at)comcast(dot)net with your address, I will gladly pop that gift card in the mail.

Thanks for playing. I have to admit, that was way more fun than I expected and I plan on having lots more Free Stuff Friday's in the future (try saying that ten times fast)


The favorite books listed by our fabulous contestants were:

-Bedtime for Francis

-Narnia series

-Green Eggs and Ham (x4)

-Berenstain Bears


-The Five Chinese Brothers

-The Little Engine That Could

-Light in the Attic

-Harriet the Spy

-Amelia Bedelia

-Uncle Wiggly

-Where the Sidewalk Ends

-Where the Wild Things Are

-Whitemouse the Fieldmouse

-The Hobbit

-A Chocolate Moose for Dinner

-A Wrinkle in Time

-Ramona Quimby

-Charlotte's Web

What a great list! Check back tomorrow (Tues) for a really wonderful computer 'trick' that will help your mansucript significantly!


Windsong said...

Congrats, L!

And thanks for the contest, Tess. I had a lot of fun learning about everyone's favorites. :D

Lady Glamis said...

Congrats L! If anybody deserves it, it's you. *HUGS*

Lady Glamis said...

Oh, you can go buy that new sci-fi book you were telling me about! See, everything works out, hehe.

Cindy said...

All great books! Congratulations, Liana.

Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

Tess--that was so fun! I am totally going to steal your book card giveaway idea!!

Jaime said...

Awesome!!! What fun!! :)

Liana Brooks said...


*many hugs*

I was having such a rotten day until now. Thank you!

LexiconLuvr said...

Way looking forward to your next post!!!

Davin Malasarn said...

Tess, I'm glad you had so much fun doing it. The pictures are great. And congratulations to Liana!